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controversial comments in signatures

frist at ccu.umanitoba.ca frist at ccu.umanitoba.ca
Sat Nov 10 15:14:49 EST 1990

In a recent posting, Dan Jacobson writes
]>From: DANJ at jhuhyg.bitnet (Dan)
]Message-ID: <9011100148.AA03696 at genbank.bio.net>
]Article 76 of bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts:

]In  recent post  S. Sanford writes:
]>A message came over this bboard that I personally feel contained
]>inappropriate sociopolitical commentary.  There are many other outlets
]>for this kind of discussion.  Just a pet peeve, perhaps.  Thanks,
]>                Sanford Silverman

]I assume that this is in reaction to the signature that said something about ab
]ortion and a religious reference.  If so I whole heartedly agree with Sanford i
]n that these types of messages are totally inappropriate.  The use of goverment
]funded networks for the spread of religious or poltical statements is certainly
]to be discouraged and has no place on a science network at all  (I really don't
]know (any lawyers out there?) but this type of thing may even be illegal).

Hey, lighten up guys! Yes, I agree that bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts is
not the place for political/religious discussions, but let's cut people a
_little_ slack. If you want to get technical about it, anybody who includes a
funny quip or profound quotation in their signature is wasting bandwidth at
government/institutional expense. Nonetheless, I don't think it really
hurts, and it does help break the tedium if a message is accompanied by an
interesting signature.

Not having seen the posting in question, I can't comment on what the poster
said, but I would defend to the death his right to say it. More of our
world's problems are linked to the inability of one group of people to
deal with the fact that others are DIFFERENT, than most of us would care to
admit.  When you don't like what someone says, you're free to flame him 
(preferrably by direct email). It's a funny coincidence that my current
signature contains a relevant citation.
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