[Info-gcg] Other: another followup (apology)

Steve Thompson via info-gcg%40net.bio.net (by stevet from bio.fsu.edu)
Sun Apr 27 19:08:49 EST 2008

Hi all -

I would like to offer my apology to Accelrys and its employees for 
suggesting that the company would not follow through on their commitment 
to supply non-node-locked, non-expiring license keys to all current GCG 
custyomers with "perpetual" licenses.  As I mentioned in my last posting 
Accelrys is now involved in that process and I have received my new key. 
It was never my intent to discredit Accelrys, nor its employess.  I merely 
had not been informed that the process was underway.  I am sorry that I 
miswrote and hope that any hard feelings can be overcome.  Thank you.

                              Cheers - Steve
                                                 Steven M. Thompson
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