[Info-gcg] Other: followup to Accelrys petition followup

Steve Thompson via info-gcg%40net.bio.net (by stevet from bio.fsu.edu)
Fri Apr 25 08:16:28 EST 2008

Hello all -

A brief note to let you know what's happened since my posting this last

Rob Brown of Accelrys did contact me, finally.  He says, and I quote:

"The petition and the subsequent BioInform article produced a significant 
response and generated inquiries from a number of third party companies 
who now wish to discuss various possibilities relating to GCG with us. 
We are now in the process of following up on all of those which is taking 
some time."

So, it looks like some good has come out of the process, although this 
doesn't look like the open source type of arrangement that many of us 
hoped for.  Regardless, it may mean that the package will not be dying.

And, Accelrys sent me my new non-node-locked, non-expiring license key!

                              Cheers - Steve
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