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Bertha was a very pretty girl. Quite a lot of young men wanted to marry
her, but she was not satisfied with any of  them. One day, one of the young
men came to visit her and asked her to become his wife. She answered, "No,
John,I won't marry you.I want to marry a man who is famous, who can play
music m sing and dance very well, who can tell interesting stories, who does
not smoke or drink , who stays at home in the evenings and who stops talking
when I'm tired of listening."The young man got up, took his coat and went to
the door, but before he left the house, he turned and said to Bertha, "It
isn't a man you're looking for. It's a television set."
One day a Frenchman went to visit his English friend. When he came up to
his friend's house, a big dog ran out and began to bark at him. The
Frenchman was frightened and stopped. At that moment the Englishman came out
and saw his friend. "Don't be afraid!" he said. "Don't you know the proverb
'Barking dogs don't bite'?" "Oh,yes" was the quick answer. "I know the
proverb, and you know the proverb, but, does the dog know the proverb?"
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