VIP Forum Invitation CAITA-2004, WestLafayette, IN, USA

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Wed Mar 17 14:07:24 EST 2004

Dear potential VIP Speaker:

We are pleased to invite you, as a VIP Forum speaker, to the
CAITA-2004 conference, Purdue University, West Lafayette, 
Indiana, USA (arrival: Thursday July 8, 2004. and departure 
Sunday July 11, 2004.). 

All relevant information and the detailed invitation letter 
can be found on the web (http://www.internetconferences.net). 
This is a broadband conference, aimed at bringing together 
the scientific/technical elite. Keynote: Dr. Dag von Lubitz, 
Laureate of the Smithsonian Award. Important deadlines:

Abstract - March 20 (the deadline is short, but 100 words is easy).
Full paper - April 10.

We invite participants (mostly from USA, Canada, Mexico, EU, 
Israel, and Far East) from the following three groups: (1) Well 
known University professors with a high citation index, (2) VIPs 
from leading industry, and (3) Talented PhD students from leading 
universities of the world. So far, at our conferences, in seven 
cases, Nobel Laureates gave the opening keynote. All those who 
visited our conferences in the past loved them and like to
come back - see the web for the lists of participants of our past
conferences. The stress of the conferences is on an active social 
program to induce creativity thru synergistic interaction, in a 
special setting. Also, each submitted paper goes to minimum 12 
reviewers (mostly to those referenced in the submitted paper).

If you plan to submit an abstract/paper, please reply to this 
e-mail at your earliest convenience, because the conference has 
a size limitation.

Sincerely yours,
Prof. Dr. Mileta Tomovic, General Chairman of CAITA-2004
Prof. Dr. Veljko Milutinovic, Program Chair of CAITA-2004

P.S. IPSI Belgrade organizes scientific conferences all over the World,
aimed at bringing together the elite of the world research.
More details on the Web (www.internetconferences.net).
So far, 7 times Nobel Laureates were talking at the opening ceremonies.

Those who come once, without exception, like to return. They like the
atmosphere (we invest a lot into the social interaction) and
especially they like the fact that the review included lots of useful
comments (in addition to the professional internal review, we do three
types of external review: IPSI, peer, and Google - via Google we find
the major references of their research, and we ask them to help with an
excellent review). We accept about 50% of the submitted papers, unless
we do the conference in a small hotel, in which case the acceptance rate
is smaller. Typically we do our conferences in the best hotels of the
World (see the Web for "The Best Small Hotels of the World").

If you like that we inform you about our conferences (6 emails per year,
for 12 conferences), please let us know. We will be informing you ONLY
if you explicitly tell us that you like that to happen.

Please, reply to purdue at vreme.yubc.net if you have questions
or to confirm your desire to be a member of our VIP CLUB!

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