Time to build GenBank on a SunFire server

Steve Thompson stevet at bio.fsu.edu
Thu Feb 12 14:38:25 EST 2004

Hi Michael -

Yes, that's an insane build time on your SunFire server.  I can't compare
it to another Sun, and I don't really keep track of my exact build times,
and I don't do the whole process from a script, rather I do bits and
pieces in between my other chores, but I regularly build all of GenBank
(including tags!) here on a Dell PowerEdge 6650 (4 x 1.6GHz Pentium 4
cpu's and 8GB RAM) with a RAID 5 setup of ~600GB.  Including downloading
the whole thing from NCBI, I always get the entire process done in less
than one workday!  Now building the LookUp SRS indices are another matter;
that took about a week last time, and it ALWAYS causes a couple of core
dumps, in spite of following GCG's suggestions regarding how many sections
to split stuff up into.  Regardless, LookUp works afterwards.  Go figure.

                             Cheers - Steve
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