"poly" gap?

J. Pan jpan at bio.indiana.edu
Fri Dec 10 01:07:18 EST 2004

sent me may help explain it. He sent me
the full text of a memo that he references in his current book,
Alien Agenda. The memo supposedly reports on information gleaned
from an FBI wiretap of Dorothy Kilgallen's phone. The document
went from the FBI to the CIA, where it was signed by James
Angleton. In it, a man named Howard Rothberg is quoted as saying
that Monroe had conversations with the Kennedy brothers on top
secret matters like the examination of captured outer space
creatures, bases inside of Cuba, and of President Kennedy's plans
to kill Castro. He also said that she was talking about a "diary
of secrets" (quotes in original) that she had threatened RFK with
if he brushed her off. When I got this memo, I was struck by its
singular format. I have seen hundreds of CIA documents, maybe
thousands, and I never saw one that looked like this. (We can't
reproduce it because the copy sent to us is so poor). I forwarded
it to Washington researcher Peter Vea. He agreed it was highly
unusual. To play it safe, I then sent a copy to former
intelligence analyst John Newman. He said that he had seen such
reports. What he thought was wrong with

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