GCG/SeqWeb running on a Sun server

Michael Black mbb8n at virginia.edu
Thu Sep 4 07:58:38 EST 2003

Hello everyone,

	We are trying to move our GCG installation from an SGI Origin 200 to a 
new SunFire 480 (running SunOS 5.8) and are having significant problems 
with the SeqWeb installation.  This is the exact same installation as 
on our old SGI - GCG 10.3 (patched to 10.3.1) and SeqWeb 2.1.  Access 
from Windows browsers (NT, 2000 and XP - using various supported 
browsers, e.g. NetScape 4.79 or 6.2) and Mac (OS 9.2 and X, NetScape 
4.79, 6.2 and IE 5.2.2 and 5.2.3) has, and is working fine with the SGI 

	Access to SeqWeb on the Sun installation has numerous problems.  
Browsers pop up multiple authentication boxes - the first two always 
being Apache, and then one to as many as 8 Java authentication forms 
(at least, the dialogue boxes all have the Java coffee-cup icon).  Even 
after persisting through the multiple login authentications, there are 
still intermittent problems.  For example, NetScape 4.79 on Windows 
2000 will often crash as soon as one attempts to execute an analysis.  
NetScape 6.2 on OS X will sometimes refresh the main SeqWeb page, 
losing the main (white, centre) interactive frame, and then becoming 
completely non-responsive after that.  Even when one can get in long 
enough to execute a program, analyses will often never return a results 
page, or will render it incorrectly (especially with graphic output, as 
from MapPlot, for example).

	The CLI installation, and SeqLab all seem to run correctly on the Sun 
machine, it is just SeqWeb access, and as I say, we have tried several 
versions of supposedly supported browsers (NetScape and IE versions) on 
several Windows and Mac platforms, all of which work correctly with our 
SGI installation of SeqWeb.  Incidentally, the Sun installation does 
seem to work correctly when accessed via NetScape 4.79 from another SGI 
box, and a Linux Box.

	SeqWeb configuration settings on both the SGI and Sun are identical.

	If anyone has every seen such behavior, or experienced problems 
accessing SeqWeb on a Sun machine I would appreciate hearing from you.  
It has been 3 weeks now, and most of what are hearing from Accelrys is 

Thanks for any responses, Michael
Michael B. Black, Ph.D.
Molecular Biology Computing Support
University of Virginia
ITC-Academic Computing Health Sciences
mblack at virginia.edu


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