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Custom Toolbar tb4you at mail.ru
Mon Mar 24 04:02:52 EST 2003


Sorry for bothering but I'd like to take just one minute of your time that may
bring you targeted traffic to your website in the future.


One-click access to your website, great searchability and newsline that will
keep your customers and visitors informed with the latest news all the time.
These are just some of the features of Custom Toolbar that I would like to

Get your own IE Toolbar for your website that has the following features:

- One-click access to your website and pages through an always-present browser
- Your Personal Logos, Dynamic Buttons and Menus 
- Great customizable search features/ Integrated Search Engines 
- Custom Icons and Superb Branding  
- Instant Messaging Broadcasting to Users through a Newsline on the Toolbar 
- Instantly deploy new web products remotely on customer's desktops and make
them immediately usable.  
- and much much more... 

Additional features can be easily implemented.


Please feel free to contact me for further information tb4you at mail.ru


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