Jews give biological weapons to slave children . . . .

dmtsymphony dmtsymphony at shaw.ca
Wed Jun 18 03:45:03 EST 2003


Biological weapons were tested on me wrote:

> -people jews gave me biological weapons to destroy my kidney, blood
> veseels when I was only a child, this has been the fate of entire Muslim
> and Christian Ummah for decades, they have sentenced me to living death.
> People I want unbiased justice.
> Assalam u?Alekum :),
> (1992) When I was only 13-14 years old. So these jews did not stop after
> removing my kidney, after all the life of slave children is not
> important at all. What is important is taking out their body parts and
> then developing biological and chemical weapons by testing on slave
> Muslim children. Jews started giving me biological weapons to destroy my
> digestion system. Yes that is right at that time I was only 13 years
> old. But this did not make much difference for them. I had constipation
> for at least ten years. Doctors say it affected various parts of my body
> already. Today I can?t stay hungry for long hours because I instantly
> start getting pain in my lower back and other body parts. Now one must
> ask what is the point of giving me biological weapons to cause digestion
> after removing my left kidney. Well that is the true picture of Jewish
> faith for you.
> This didn?t only happen to me, this has been the fate of every Muslim,
> Christian Child who did not sleep around, and this has been happening
> for decades now.
> May God end the days of those who lie, cheat and commit inhuman acts
> against innocent people. May God give us all the ability to standup and
> speak the truth.
> wa'Salam
> Mohsin
> --
> See how Jews destroyed my body using bio & chemical weapons
> http://www.geocities.com/mohsinraja/iwantjustice.htm
> download the Animatrix animations from
> http://www.theanimatrix.com
> My body hurts each day, people I want to know why jews kinapped me
> and gave me biological weapons since I was only a child, I want to know
> why media does not speak about it, I want to know why are you playing
> indirect games with these jews. People am I not a human, isn't justice
> my right, is everyone else born to be Jewish slave and to be treated
> like mice.
> find all my interesting articles :) at http://www.maududi.com or
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thethoughts
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> http://www.alamaiqbal.com

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