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	{2}     MOTIVATION QUOTES - get your week off to a good start!
	{3}     Feature Article - COLD CALLING IN A COLD MARKET - PART 2 by Gavin Ingham
 	{4}     POWER CD SERIES - review of Part 1, due for release early March 2003
 	{5}     This months POWER sales performance seminar - POWER CANVASSING
	{6}     FEEDBACK - last months seminar delegates
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 {1}     koach - latest developments
 	> POWER CD series - sales performance coaching on CD - part 1 due for release early 
	  March 2003 (see section 4 for more details)
	> Manchester, UK - POWER CANVASSING seminar in March 2003 - details released next week
  	  - numbers will be limited to 50 so book early to avoid disappointment.
	> London 25th February POWER CANVASSING tickets still available
	> New koach website coming soon with lots of FREE new learning aids to help you develop 
	  your sales career. Members will enjoy many benefits and discounts.

 For further details, call the UK booking team now +44 (0)1223 328778

 {2}     MOTIVATION QUOTES - get your week off to a good start!

	"Action is eloquence" -- William Shakespeare

	"The last of the human freedoms is to choose one's attitudes" -- Victor Frankl

	"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" -- Mahatma Gandhi

	"Why not go out on a limb? That's where the fruit is" -- Will Rogers

 {3}     Feature Article - COLD CALLING IN A COLD MARKET - PART 2 by Gavin Ingham

	Thanks for your comments on last week's article the importance of controlling your
 	attitude before, during and after a call. They were greatly appreciated, particularly
 	the one manager who mailed me directly and said, "I keep my staff motivated during
 	calls by threatening them with the sack if they don't stay motivated!" Errr, yes thanks
	for that!
	So this week what I want to have a look at is the importance of structure - and I
 	am going to recommend a very "old classic", as a structure, but not without some
 	comments first! When I ask sales professionals how long they think that a client
 	actually listens to them, they all know that it is only a matter of a few seconds.
 	Follow that up with a question about the importance of those first few seconds
	- and someone always says something about it being crucial. Why then, do few
 	sales people take the time or effort to really maximise this opportunity?
	I have done some research here and I think this is quite useful. When we advertise
 	for sales people we use words like "opportunity", "flair", "dynamic", "entrepreneurial"
 	and so on. Whilst this may be the right thing to do, it attracts candidates who are
	attracted by possibility and opportunity.
 	But! Sales consultants also need to be able to follow structures. But - there is a
 	possibility that the sales person says stuff like "if you stifle my individuality, I won't
 	be able to sell". Get real! Every success has structure behind it. If you want flexibility,
	get a structure. If you employed an administrator to file, and they filed wrongly you 
 	wouldn't accept it - so why let sales people sabotage your business by opening calls
 	So what do I use? Good old Reason, Task, Action; Reason for the call; Task during
	the call; Action at the end of the call. And, most importantly, make it about the
 	client, not you - so that they want to listen to you. Avoid words like "tell", "show",
	"sell", "demonstrate" etc. - and avoid making assumptions such as "we can show
	you how to improve..."
	Let's look at one we did in a recent seminar for a "warm" call following up a mailed
 	Delegate’s version ..........."It's Gavin Ingham calling from XYZ. I recently sent you 
	a mailer. Did you read it? I wanted to tell you about our new product launch."
	Gavin's version ..............
 	"It's Gavin Ingham calling from XYZ - you've probably heard of us - we are the leading
 	sales motivation company in the UK. The reason for the call today is to follow up on
	 some information that you recently received. My role is to answer any questions that
 	you may have on that information; I'd value your opinion."
 	Let's face it,  after your investigations you can position your solution if and when
	 If you want to know more about how to explode your results from cold and warm
 	calling, then you must attend our February 25th seminar, POWER CANVASSING.
 	You'll be able to read more on sales performance coaching in the next issue.

 Have a great week! Gavin Ingham

 {4}     POWER CD SERIES - review of Part 1, due for release early March 2003
	POWER CANVASSING - limited stock now available on CD

	As with with any new learning, repetition is the key. POWER CD's allow you to learn while 
	you commute. Experience has taught us that we get what we focus upon. These CD's will 
	empower you  with new knowledge and understandings of how peak performers have 
	mastered their attitude.
	Priced from 49 UK pounds, with discounts available for block purchases.

 	If you would like to reserve your copy, please email us your requirements at
 	koachdirect at darkhorseintl.com - and we'll keep you informed of new releases.

 For further details, call the UK booking team now +44 (0)1223 328778

 {5}    POWER CANVASSING <Feb 25th - RIBA - London> tickets remaining
	An invitation for telecanvassers, sales consultants, managers and directors to join Koach 
	and Gavin Ingham in London to learn and master the art of cold calling.
	Due to high demand for a full day's cold calling seminar we bring you...

	breakthrough to cold calling success!

	**ONLY 199 POUNDS**

	For further details, call the UK booking team now +44 (0)1223 328778RIBA Centre, London, 
	Tues 25th Feb, 10am-5pm

	**Places for this event are strictly limited and do sell out early so book now. Call us
 	now for Block discount details**
	We all know the importance of cold calling for hitting our targets and budgets, yet 
	canvassing for new business is one of the most misunderstood and loathed areas of the 
	sales process.
	Trying to remain consistent, proactive and successful when cold calling, either individually or 
 	as part of a team is one of the most difficult challenges facing us all in a tough climate. Fact!

	At Koach, we understand that success is a finely balanced blend of attitudes and skills - both 
	being fundamentally important. Cold calling skills are ineffective without the right attitude 
	to use them, and your results from utilising your positive attitude will be greatly increased  
 	with the right skills. In POWER CANVASSING, you will learn both the attitudes and the skills of 
 	peak performers in new business development so that you can win more business - and be 
 	consistently more successful.

 Who is this seminar for?

	> New staff needing structure and methodology

	> Experienced staff looking for a motivational burst or a refresher

	> "Comfort Zone" consultants needing a boost

	> Managers wanting to expand their knowledge of motivating telesales teams

 What will I learn?

	> The psychology of cold calling> Why the phone is so important

	> How to motivate yourself to make more and better calls

	> How to maintain your motivation throughout your canvassing sessions

	> How to avoid the 3 big energy drains on cold calling

	> How to adopt the mindset of a top new business winner

	> How to get named prospects

	> How to deal with gatekeepers

	> The structure of cold calling

	> Words you should be using
	> Words you should never use

	> Elegant objection handling of all of your objections and a real understanding of how 
  	  to formulate these answers yourself (e.g. "send me literature", we have a PSL"...)

	> How to save yourself time by asking better questions

	> How to build effortless rapport with 

	> Voice coaching and care

	> How to deal with voicemails

	> When to call back clients and much, much more!

 This is a must attend event for anyone wanting to be successful in cold calling.

 For further details, call the UK booking team now +44 (0)1223 328778

 {6}     FEEDBACK - Last months seminar delegates

	Here's what last months POWER SALES delegates had to say:
	"All recruiters will find these seminars invaluable!"
	David Hurst, Publisher, Online Recruitment Magazine
	"Gavin was excellent!"
	Barry Shoebridge, Director
	"Gavin was really good - the sales funnel really opened my eyes!"
	Tony Timmins, Recruitment consultant
	"That was great. Call me Monday to book our staff on POWER CANVASSING"
	David Acklam, Director
	"Refreshing, informative and fun!"
	Richard Blythe, Director
 {7}     CALENDAR - plan your POWER sales seminars for 2003!

 	The popular POWER sales seminars are delivered at the RIBA centre in London by
 	Gavin Ingham, a leading UK attitudinal and motivational coaching expert, through one
 	day open seminars in a series of 3 unique programmes. The programmes can be taken
 	as a course or joined individually to suit your particular needs.
 	The 3 seminars (P1, P2, P3) focus on the 3 core components of proven business
		POWER MOTIVATION (P1) - This is the key attribute of any peak performer
    		and needs to be mastered in today's highly competitive business world.
    		Motivation and attitude can be viewed as your ability to access your
    		skills when you most need them. In this dynamic, fun packed day, we help
    		you unlock the key motivational strategies of peak performers in business
    		and sales. Wake up your team and book now!
    		POWER CANVASSING (P2) - The art of new business generation! The art of
    		cold calling is 80% attitude versus 20% skills. Most cold calling training
    		is skills based not attitudinal. It’s easy to teach structure or learn ines 
		but its attitude that makes the difference when you come to pick up
    		the phone. As sales professionals we all need to keep the sales funnel full.
    		By distilling the key strategies of peak performers in this crucial sales
    		area we've defined the strategies that differentiate top performers from
    		mere "wannabes". Explore this area with Koach - and access your ability to
    		open more doors and create more business opportunities. If you are looking to
    		explode your performance - call us now!
    		POWER SALES (P3) - The top 10% of sales professionals outperform the other
    		90%. Why? What is the key ingredient of their success? What are the factors
    		that differentiate top sales individuals and teams and allow them to consistently 
		over achieve their targets? In our experience the top 5 keys are attitude, 
		learning / self-assessment, energy, fun and the use of a reliable, repeatable 
		sales-structure. This programme includes all five keys and will enable you and 
		your teams to sell more - now!

 Confirmed dates for London, 2003: (MANCHESTER dates published in next issue)

    	> February , Tuesday 25th POWER CANVASSING (P2)
	> March, Friday 28th POWER SALES (P3)
	> April, Friday 25th POWER MOTIVATION (P1)
	> May, Thursday 29th POWER CANVASSING (P2)
	> June, Friday 27th POWER SALES (P3)
	> July, Thursday 31st POWER MOTIVATION (P1)
	> August, Friday 29th POWER CANVASSING (P2)
	> September, Tuesday 30th POWER SALES (P3)
	> October, Friday 31st POWER MOTIVATION (P1)
	> November, Wednesday 26th POWER CANVASSING (P2)

	All dates are 10am until  5pm 

	All seminars are charged at 199 pounds plus vat per delegate.

 For further details, call the UK booking team now +44 (0)1223 328778

 {8} DISCOUNTS - block-book your tickets and save thousands!

 	Let's suppose you have a small team of 5 sales people and, as part of their ongoing sales 
 	development, you would like to send them regularly to the POWER sales seminars.
 	Simply purchase your tickets at the 20 plus price and use them as and when you need them. 

 	Save thousands by block-booking your tickets for 2003 and qualify for the following great discounts:

		> Standard Price 1 ticket @ £199 each

		> block-book 2 to 5 tickets @ £179 each

		> block-book 6 to 10 tickets @ £159 each
 		> block-book 11 to 19 tickets @ £129 each

		> block-book 20 plus tickets @ £109 each

	 All discounted tickets plus vat and payable on booking

 For further details, call the UK booking team now +44 (0)1223 328778

 {9}     Directors Lounge - learn about our unique breakthrough weekends

 	Hanbury Manor - fully inclusive - June & October 2003 - limited to 20 places

	An exclusive invitation to directors and business leaders to join Koach, the leader in
	sales performance coaching business leaders, at the wonderful 5 Star Hanbury Manor 
	Country Park in Hertfordshire, England. 

	Gavin Ingham,one of the UK's leading sales performance and motivation coaches, 
	personally delivers a fully inclusive directors business development breakthrough weekend.

 For further details, call the directors lounge team now +44 (0)1223 528449

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