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I am sending you this to see if you might have an interest in distributing EZ Maintenance software, our complete maintenance tracking and scheduling program for equipment and vehicles.

Commissions for distributors are substantial.

This may seem a bit unusual, as I know you're received E Mail from us offering EZ Maintenance to your company at its retail price of $1,495.00 (the marketplace response to EZ Maintenance has been terrific; it has been written up on over 40 publications, and has been purchased by companies ranging in size from a few employees to some of the largest firms in the country).

To our surprise, along with sales orders we have received requests from a number of companies to distribute the software to their customers and vendors.  This has proven to be of real, mutual benefit to all involved; so much so that we are E Mailing our market base to see who else might have an interest in distributing EZ Maintenance as opposed to just purchasing it for in house use.

If you become an exclusive distributor for EZ Maintenance, a negotiated pre-purchase of a few units of software will be required to secure the distributorship; however, the discount from retail for distributors is substantial.  We can also private label EZ Maintenance for you, and make modifications in the software which address any unique maintenance needs your customer base may have.

When you are distributor for EZ Maintenance, we will not only protect your sales area, but provide you with demo software, full training, advertising materials and any other assistance you may need.  We will also set up a full Web site for you, listing all of EZ Maintenance's features and a walk through demo, from which your customers may order software under your account.

If you find this of interest, please leave word for me on our software sales line (661) 286-0041, or E-Mail me at wayne at xactmailer.net as soon as possible.  We are rapidly negotiating exclusive distributorships, and if your area becomes covered by another agreement before you reach me, we won't be able to accommodate you. 

For your review, I've included a recap of EZ Maintenance's features below.

Thank you!

Wayne McFarland

CEO, Link It Software Corporation

EZ Maintenance software is a Windows based maintenance scheduling and tracking program for both equipment and vehicles.  

EZ Maintenance is Network/Multi user ready out of the box. In addition to scheduling, tracking, keeping histories of and producing work orders for all maintenance on equipment or vehicles, EZ Maintenance also tracks costs, hours, and downtime for repairs. It includes over 80 reports and has available a link to Excel for the creation of specialized reports.

Along with many other features, EZ Maintenance produces maintenance calendars and complete maintenance histories. Equipment to be maintained can be bar coded, allowing a maintenance procedure to begin with a simple reading of the bar code. On the vehicle side, EZ Maintenance also tracks both vehicle and driver license information and license expiration dates and produces a report showing all expiring licenses 30 days in advance. It records all driver information, and allows for entry and tracking of all driver incidents.  EZ Maintenance is everything your customers need to maintain equipment or vehicles in one complete software package.


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