GCG server

nelly desbi11 at cict.fr
Wed Oct 9 02:33:29 EST 2002

Really thanks for your quick answer. If you could just tell me a little more
about the number of processors of the server if I consider ther would be 40
active users ( the others working in batch): I think  4 would be good but I
m not sure. and about the E-cache, 6 GB (or less)?? I think that it would
have a need of about 0.5TB of internal/external storage for
I d like to know if you would choose an entry server or a midframe
server(SGI300, Sun enterprise4800)....

Thanks for your answer.

Rick Westerman wrote:

> >
> >
> >I' m student in bioinformatics and working on a project where we study
> >the market of the servers for installing the GCG.( for about 100 users).
> >Could someone please help me? I ve  searched on different servers (at
> >SGI,SUN,IBM, HP) and I don't know  what type choose(middle range?).
> >
> It does depend on how active your users are.  If they are occasional
> users of GCG (most lab-bench researchers) then something in the $40-$60K
> range will work quite nicely.  That works out to about $500/user.  As
> for the maker of the system I do not think that it matters that much.
>  Each has good points.

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