Granting personal databases to other Unix users

Staffa.Nick staffa at niehs.nih.gov
Wed Mar 6 09:19:40 EST 2002

I have done this.
I think you must make your new database look like genbank or pir.
That is, with entries in dbnames.map et c.
Here is what I see on my system for my ma15k database
(I also have a blast database for it):
alfred>/opt/gcg/gcg10 >sea "ma15k"
ma15k           n       MicroArray 15K set
ma15k   ma15kdir:ma15k
ma15K   ma15kdir:ma15k

AND somewhere you must define the logical name for (e.g.) ma15k


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Dear all,

we have GCG 10.2  running under IRIX 6.5.
I created several personal sequence databases with the dataset command
which I now want to make available for other Unix users using GCG.
Does anyone know how to do this?


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