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Fri Jul 19 19:27:25 EST 2002

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Dear Sir/Madam,
I strongly solicit your assistance in transferring over $19.5 million
out of my country for the personal use of my partners and a foreign
I use the word " technical" because the process of executing this
beneficial transaction has been worked out with surgical precision.
 The source of the funds is as follows:
I am the director of purchases and supplies with Relief West Africa (
RWA), an N.G.O with a budget of over US$432 million every year to
refugees that spilt over from Rwanda, Democratic republic of Congo,
and presently Ivory Coast where civil unrest has presently rendered
of people homeless and destitute.
Various contracts have been awarded over the years to local and foreign
contractors for supply of tents, food, boots, clothing, and medicine
e.t.c. From payments of these contracts, we have set aside the sum of
$19.5 million which two directors of the agency and I have decided to
transfer to a foreign account through the help of a foreign partner who
will be well compensated. (This money was accumulated through
of payment vouchers for contracts already paid for). We intend to
this money by securing all the relevant documents and approvals from
the federal ministry of finance and the central bank showing these 
as legitimate contract entitlements, with invoices raised in your
name by my humble self as the director of purchasing and supply. I will
be assisted by certain contacts and collaborators in these parastatals
that we have set aside certain funds to compensate.
All we need you to do is to give us the go ahead to file for this
using your company name and bank coordinates for the swift telegraphic
transfer of these funds. We need a foreign partner who will stand as
the beneficiary of the contract payment because we cannot do it
due to our positions in the agency. You have nothing to fear as
has been perfected so that you will not be breaking any law of your
or those of international arbitration. For your part in this deal you
will retain 30% of the total amount while 60% will be used to open
accounts for us in Europe. The remaining 10% will be used to offset any
expenses that were incurred from both sides in the course of executing
this mutually beneficial transaction.

We are counting on your total cooperation and commitment to see us
this deal. We expect you to maintain a very high level of
as transactions of this nature, you must agree should be treated as top

Please confirm your readiness to participate in this venture by sending
me a mail through this email address: wilfredeze17 at uymail.com so that
I can immediately send you a blueprint of our master plan for success,
and we can immediately commence the execution of this deal.

Dr. Wilfred Eze.

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