Trace problem in Seqlab

Raymond Dalgleish ray at le.ac.uk
Fri Jan 18 04:31:36 EST 2002

While editing seqeunces in SeqLab and viewing the corresponding traces
while I edit, I sometimes find that the "edited" and "raw" sequences in the
trace window become misaligned. This does not happen often, but is very
frustrating when it does because there seems to be no way to correct it
once it happens.

I use Exceed as my X-windows emulator and find that <shift><right-arrow>
will enter a tilde character (used as a leading or trailing gap) that
differently from a tilde entered in the normal way. It's sometimes easy to
enter tildes in this (wrong) way if you forget to release the shift key
pressing the <right-arrow> key to navigate along a sequence to the right.

The keyboard mapping utility in Exceed shows that nothing is mapped to
<shift><right-arrow> so its a mystery why it's happening. I reported this
to Accelrys who say that they can reproduce the problem but do not, yet,
have an explanation or solution. They say that SeqMerge does not exhibit
the same behaviour.

Has anybody else experienced this "feature" of SeqLab and can you shed
some light?


Raymond Dalgleish
Department of Genetics
University of Leicester

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