SeqMerge on Linux

Staffa.Nick staffa at niehs.nih.gov
Mon Feb 25 13:57:15 EST 2002

> My systems people are weeping great tears because they bought me a really hot
> computer for "GCG",
> and I'm telling them that they can't move GCG to it because SeqMerge will not
> run under Linux!
> It's a Dell PowerEdge 6450 700Mhz 4 processor; 4 GB ram, 4X18GB hard drives et
> c, et c.
> because things I do, like SeqMerge, really load our current alpha 4100.
They want change all the Unix servers to Linux operating system and had plans to
run this new Dell under Linux.
Then I here from GCG that there are "NO" plans to port SeqMerge to Linux.

With SeqMerge, I have been able to do clustering of ESTs that no program that I
know of can really do.

Can we convince them there is a market demand for SeqMerge under Linux?
Should I push for another operating system? 
I invite suggestions as to 
1) What do I  do 'till they see the light.
2) How to apply pressure to divert a small part of their resources into porting


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