How to execute GCG via CGI?

S.Lee bioinformatics at hanmail.net
Mon Dec 2 15:21:46 EST 2002

I have a Perl script that calls a gcg program (tofasta), and runs well at
UNIX shell.

A code snippet is, for example, as follows.

system("/usr/users/gcg/gcgbin/execute/tofasta SP_BA:Q93J69 -default");

Then, I needed to create an on-line resource, so I converted that Perl
script into a CGI script and executed on-line.

Now, I cannot execute the gcg tofasta program with the CGI script; It simply
does not run. I can guess that the reason is related to gcg initialization
and environment (As you know, typing gcg at the command prompt initializes
your environment and gives you access to gcg programs. But CGI script cannot
do that).

Does anyone know how to execute a CGI script that calls a gcg program?

Thanks in advance.

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