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In article <gisnck39y0.fsf at pusch.xnet.com>,
	gdpusch at NO.xnet.SPAM.com (Gordon D. Pusch) writes:
> agtr_4 at my-deja.com (argyle) writes:
> A poster in 'bionet.software' <Message-ID: 9orc1h$aqe$1 at jetsam.uits.indiana.edu>
> claimed that while most 'bionet.*' newsgroups have become moderated in the UK, 
> for some strange reason this change has failed to propagate to most news-servers
> in the USA. Hence, users in the USA are getting the SPAMs completely unimpeded.

It was Christmas 1999 that www.bio.net moved from Stanford University to
HGMP in the UK. We have managed to convert a few more groups to being moderated
and have added an alternative method, to make the moderation process simpler
for the moderators.

About 60% of the bionet groups are moderated, although bionet.software.gcg is not
one of them.

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