need help

bnyvv bnyvv at libertysurf.fr
Thu Nov 1 05:12:41 EST 2001

if you want to use Clustalx
just edit your file.txt as follow
open it
go to the first line and put a blank line at the top
type >myfavoritesequencetobealign
that's it
Do the same for other ascii files (txt files) by changing the names
otherwise, you'll have an error message in clustalx
Open clustalx
load sequence
append other sequences
do alignment
You win
Best regards

Xiangzhen Sui wrote:

> Dear sir:
> I want alignment of my sequences. But my sequences is in txt format:
> sequence name.txt, I can not compare them with some software, for
> example, Clustal/Jalview alignment, Can you tell how I can compare my
> sequences or how I can change the format of my sequences?
> Thank you very much.
> Sui

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