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Thu Mar 8 23:42:42 EST 2001

We are The Socially Responsible Internet Company
Now 20% of your monthly internet dial-up fee can benefit the causes of
humanity, the environment, education and wildlife protection?

Our Ultimate Goal is to raise over 10 million
dollars each year to support socially responsible causes. Inorder to
reach our goal we need your help.

Click here http://www.econetwork.net for more information.

Please stop by our web site - we have a vision and we want to share it
with you. Find out about the activities of The Socially Responsible
Internet Company. You will have the opportunity to become an active
participant and if you act now - you can choose to become a charter

Please take action today and join the growing number of personalities
and visionaries who endorse our program, We are working to benefit
Socially Active Leaders and Organizations you know and trust.

Please stop by our web site today and together - we will make a

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information about this exciting new program.

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Per Section 301,  Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S. 1618,

http://www.senate.gov - perform a search on S771 w/in the 105th Congress

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at no cost to you by  sending a reply to the email address listed above
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