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Million Dollar Emails!

It's amazing the power of email marketing!

Once you realize how to profitably use permission email
marketing in your business - it's literally like being
able to create cash on demand.

I mean it!

For example, this email took me about 30 minutes to write.
With a little luck, it should earn me 10, maybe 15 thousand
dollars. Now, I'm not telling you this to brag or boast
but to make a point.

Just by using these email marketing secrets it's as easy as...

* Click...Send...Make Money! *

And that's exactly why I couldn't wait to let you know
about the new "Million Dollar Emails" ebook I've just

Click on the link below to get all the information
or read on to find out more...


But please understand, I'm not talking about spamming,
that will only land you in hot water. I'm only talking
about using *legal* permission, opt-in email.

Using permission email marketing, I've witnessed results
like these:

* $9,188.00 in 72 hours
* $15,558.81 in less than 3 weeks
* 15,400.00 in 14 days

And that's small potatoes compared to what you'll find
inside the pages of this new ebook. You'll discover the
amazing secrets behind the Net's most successful email

Here are a couple examples from the top Internet Pros and
eCommerce leaders:

* Corey Rudl lets you in on a simple email that generated
over $400,000.00 in revenue

* Stephen Mahaney spills the beans about an email message
responsible for $800,000.00 in sales and launching his
business (which doesn't even take into account ongoing
renewals and new sales from this one email).

* Logos Research Systems unveils the exact email message
that generated $300,000.00 of pre-publication orders (they
didn't have to risk a dime because they knew the demand
was there for their product).

* Robert Allen, NY Times best-selling author, gives you
the email he used to drive his book on Amazon from #450
all the way to #2.

* World-famous, Vail Resorts in Colorado gives you the
exact low-down on their email marketing campaign and
how they use offline and online methods to grow their
list. ($179,987.00 in sales directly traceable from
their email campaigns.)

And that's still just the tip of the iceberg because I
managed to track down even more proven examples from some
of the sharpest Internet experts around. People like:

* Jonathan Mizel
* Marty Foley
* Jeff Paul
* Harmony Major
* Markus Allen
* Wes Blaylock
* Yours truly and many others....

** Absolutely No Theories Here **

Inside this ebook you'll find real-world, actual examples
from multi-national corporations all the way down to a
small, local "mom and pop" Mexican restaurant. This way,
you'll be sure to find a model to use for your business.

What's more, you'll even see exact numbers, results,
response rates and other confidential, insider information.

But now here's the best part. For a limited time, I'm
giving away free resale and redistribution rights to this
ebook so you can keep all the money. Yes, you read that
correctly. You keep 100%!

That means you can sell "Million Dollar Emails" or give it
away. Use it as a free bonus to get people to subscribe to
your Ezine. Bundle it with any other offers. Or whatever
else you want to do with it, it's your choice.

Not only are you getting a ton of incredible email messages
to model, study and learn from - but you're also getting
opportunity to start making money from it right away.
Imagine, the first copy of "Million Dollar Emails" ebook
you sell - you'll make back your money!

Do yourself a favor and check out the full story at:

===>    http://million-dollar-emails.jumpcareers.com

Take care,

Hans Medex


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