Printing the Seqlab Editor

Staffa.Nick staffa at niehs.nih.gov
Wed Jul 11 10:06:58 EST 2001

My clients often print the Seqlab editor to get a fine colored display
of their sequences and aligned translations et c.
However, one is lucky if an integral number only of sequence groups
appears on a page.  In examining the postscript code that is
generated, it appears that Seqlab places each line on the page and
determines when to generate a new page. (This is not left up to the
printer). One would think that SeqLab could make the break after a
whole group instead of after a single line, since it is calculating
position and taking the gap between groups into consideration.   No
doubt they will make this correction next release (wink).   Until
then, does anyone have a way to make the groups come out even?
Perhaps you have Perl script for editing the postscript code, or
perhaps you have figured out "Data Characters per Line" and Font Size
for different sized groups. 


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