Warning: SeqWeb 2.01 does not run on Win2000

Rick Westerman westerman at purdue.edu
Sun Jul 8 22:03:41 EST 2001

   A warning note to people who don't read the requirements page
closely.  SeqWeb 2.01 (the recent release) is not supported on
Win2000.   Win95/98/NT yes, 2000 no.  I don't know about WinME.   Macs,
yes, to some extent. Unix yes.  In all cases SeqWeb requires the
absolute latest version of the browser -- 5.5 for Internet Explorer,
4.77 for Netscape (yes, I know about v.6+ of Netscape; I suppose SeqWeb
is supported in these versions but am not certain).

    In my mind this lack of Win200 support makes SeqWeb 2.01 totally

    What this, in my mind, says about the quality of GCG software --
especially after the debacle we had wtih v.2.0 several months ago and
the subsequent rollback to v.1.3 and the problems with that -- is best
left unsaid in a public forum.

-- Rick

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