problems building srs indices

Karsten Andresen andresen at rhrk.uni-kl.de
Fri Jan 26 08:12:01 EST 2001

Right now I am working on an update of the databases. I have installed the
patch from ftp://ftp.gcg.com/pub/gcgpatch/gcgsrs/ by following the
instructions in the 'readme' file. There was no problem to reformat the
databases in gcg format, but when I started building the srs indices some
problems occurred. The first problem is an error message that I got several
times during the srsupdate procedure: "SRSDAT:message.dat" could not be
Merged indices for srsdir:genbank_fts not created!
There is no gcg logical name 'SRSDAT' and no file message.dat on our site.
But my main problem is that I got the following error message when I try to
lookup something in the database: ! * ERROR * index not up to date, ID-index
for entry ...

Has someone an idea what this could be?



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