This Holiday Season Give Your Child The Gift of Security They Deserve

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Dear Parent(s),
In these times of elevated violent crime and increased uncertainty, peace of mind has become one of our most precious assets. Nobody wants to believe that their child will ever be kidnapped, lost, or run away, but the fact is more than one million American children turn up missing every year. According to the United States Justice Department the odds are 1 in 42 that this could happen to your child.
This statistic is as frightening as it is true. Unfortunately far too many American parents have an "It can't happen to my kid" attitude. This very attitude may be one of the major contributors to this national crisis. The Vanished Children's Alliance reports that every 40 seconds another child is missing or abducted. The FBI receives over 2000 missing child reports daily to their agency alone.
Ignoring these dangers or pretending that these things don't happen is not the way to protect our children, but educating them is. We need to arm our children with information that can give them an edge in these uncertain times.
We at Safe Child America believe that as parents we need to empower our children. A little education can go a long way toward reducing your risks of ever having a missing child. That is why Safe Child America has created a new and greater level of security for parents and their children.
We strongly encourage all parents to participate in the Child Shield program. Through our programs, parents can educate their children and dramatically reduce their chances of them becoming missing. With your help and participation we can truly make this world a safer place for our most precious possessions, our children.
We welcome all parents to visit us at: www.safechildamerica.com . Through our website you can contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any questions. This Holiday Season give your child the ultimate gift, the gift of security.
With Warm Regards,
Robert Laguna
President of Safe Child America

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