Viewing traces in Seqlab

Raymond Dalgleish ray at le.ac.uk
Tue Aug 21 03:22:42 EST 2001

I have been assembling a contig in seqlab with
sequencing traces as the starting point. Mostly it
works well, but in some instances GCG seqlab
seems to lose track of the correspondence
between the edited sequence and the raw. This is
seen in the traces window. When you click on a
particular base in the editor, the corresponding
base in trace is supposed to be highlighted. This
certainly happens in the trace window in the
"edited" sequence but the underlying trace and its
corresonding "raw" is completely unrelated.

It seems that seqlab is incorrectly applying some
sort of "offset".

Has anybody else seen this and/or know of a


Raymond Dalgleish

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