Announcement: GenPept 116.0 available

Gary Smythers gws at nciaxp.ncifcrf.gov
Sun Mar 5 14:00:50 EST 2000

     This is to announce the availability of release 116.0 of the GenPept(R) 
(GenBank Gene Products) Database.  GenPept is provided in a format similar 
to that formerly distributed by GenBank(R) under the administration of 
Intelligenetics Inc.  This GenPept release IS _NOT_ AN OFFICIAL RELEASE FROM 
THE NCBI-GENBANK, but an attempt to provide a data file format compatible 
with existing software products.  

This data format is suitable as an input data file for the GCG program
genbanktogcg -genpept.  Compatibility with other software has not been tested.

Site:      ftp.ncifcrf.gov

Directory: pub/genpept
Files:     gprel116.txt.Z, gpdat116.seq.Z

Directory: pub/genpept/divisions
Files: gpbct1.seq.Z,  gpbct2.seq.Z,  
       gpest1.seq.Z,  gpest2.seq.Z,  gpest3.seq.Z,  gpest4.seq.Z, 
       gpest5.seq.Z,  gpest6.seq.Z,  gpest7.seq.Z,  gpest8.seq.Z,  
       gpest9.seq.Z,  gpest10.seq.Z, gpest11.seq.Z, gpest12.seq.Z, 
       gpest13.seq.Z, gpest14.seq.Z, gpest15.seq.Z, gpest16.seq.Z, 
       gpest17.seq.Z, gpest18.seq.Z, gpest19.seq.Z, gpest20.seq.Z, 
       gpest21.seq.Z, gpest22.seq.Z, gpest23.seq.Z, gpest24.seq.Z, 
       gpest25.seq.Z, gpest26.seq.Z, gpest27.seq.Z, gpest28.seq.Z, 
       gpest29.seq.Z, gpest30.seq.Z, gpest31.seq.Z, gpest32.seq.Z, 
       gpest33.seq.Z, gpest34.seq.Z, gpest35.seq.Z, gpest36.seq.Z, 
       gpest37.seq.Z, gpest38.seq.Z, gpest39.seq.Z, gpest40.seq.Z,
       gpest41.seq.Z, gpest42.seq.Z, gpest43.seq.Z, gpest44.seq.Z,
       gpest45.seq.Z, gpest46.seq.Z, gpest47.seq.Z,
       gpgss1.seq.Z,  gpgss2.seq.Z,  gpgss3.seq.Z,  gpgss4.seq.Z, 
       gpgss4.seq.Z,  gpgss6.seq.Z,  gpgss7.seq.Z,  gpgss8.seq.Z,  
       gpgss9.seq.Z,  gpgss10.seq.Z, gpgss11.seq.Z, gpgss12.seq.Z,
       gpgss13.seq.Z, gpgss14.seq.Z, gpgss15.seq.Z, gpgss16.seq.Z,
       gphtg1.seq.Z,  gphtg2.seq.Z,  gphtg3.seq.Z,  gphtg4.seq.Z,
       gphtg5.seq.Z,  gphtg6.seq.Z,  gphtg7.seq.Z,  gphtg8.seq.Z,
       gphtg9.seq.Z,  gphtg10.seq.Z, gphtg11.seq.Z, gphtg12.seq.Z,
       gphtg13.seq.Z, gphtg14.seq.Z,
       gpinv1.seq.Z,  gpinv2.seq.Z, 
       gpmam.seq.Z,   gppat.seq.Z,   gpphg.seq.Z,   
       gppln1.seq.Z,  gppln2.seq.Z,  gppln3.seq.Z,
       gppri1.seq.Z,  gppri2.seq.Z,  gppri3.seq.Z,  gppri4.seq.Z,
       gprod.seq.Z,   gpsts.seq.Z,   gpsyn.seq.Z,   gpuna.seq.Z,  
       gpvrl.seq.Z,   gpvrt.seq.Z

Directory: pub/genpept/updates  (daily, cumulative)
Files:     gpseq_updates.dat.Z

Rel. Date: 5-Mar-2000

Ftp mirror sites have been provided through the kind generosity of the 
following institutions:

   C.D. Nager (nager at fmi.ch), at the Freidrich Miescher Institute maintains:

   Name:       ftp.ecbi.org
   Directory:  ncifcrf

   Dr Jaime Prilusky (lsprilus at weizmann.weizmann.ac.il), at the Weizmann 
   Institute of Science maintains:

   Name:       bioinformatics.weizmann.ac.il
   Directory:  /pub/databases/genpept 

We greatly appreciate their efforts in creating multiple points of access, and
reducing the load on our systems.

If you have questions or comments concerning this data, or you experience any
difficulty in downloading the data via ftp, please contact:

Gary Smythers  gws at ncifcrf.gov  301-846-5778
Bob Stephens  bobs at ncifcrf.gov  301-846-5787

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GenPept (R) and GenBank (R) are registered trademarks of the U.S. Department of 
Health and Human Services for the GenBank Gene Products and the GenBank Genetic
Sequence Data Banks.

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