Problems with GCG installation with Solaris 7

I am not Mr. Gnu jason at phoenix.umesci.maine.edu
Fri Mar 3 13:33:05 EST 2000


I'm having some problems getting the Fortran libraries working and get
this error whenever I try pileup or other assorted functions in Seqlab:

Fri Mar  3 12:42:18 EST 2000
SeqLab sources gcgshell...

Fri Mar  3 12:42:18 EST 2000
SeqLab runs pileup using init file...
-Figure=/home/admin/distel/pileup_2.figure !seqlabfigure
-out=/home/admin/distel/pileup_2.msf !seqlabseq

ld.so.1: /usr/local/gcg/gcgbin/execute/pileup: fatal: relocation error:
file /usr/lib/libF77.so.2: symbol ___ansi_fflush: referenced symbol not

Fri Mar  3 12:42:19 EST 2000
SeqLab job completed

Has anyone encountered this problem, and more importantly, found a
solution for it?  Thanks!

Jason Joy, BMMB Unix and Computer Administrator
240 and 179 Hitchner Hall, University Of Maine

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