Vector databank ?

Guenter Stoesser stoesser at ebi.ac.uk
Thu Jul 27 05:45:24 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,

To assist submitters the EBI has been providing for some time a 
vector screening service using the latest implementation of the  
BLAST algorithm and a special sequence databank known as EMVEC. 
EMVEC is an extraction of sequences from the SYNthetic division of 
EMBL containing more than 2000 sequences commonly used in cloning 
and sequencing experiments. EMVEC is by no means a complete vector 
databank but it is representative of the kind of material used in 
modern sequencing. 

After the initial phase we are now prepaping to update this 
database with each EMBL database release (every 3 months) and expect 
to make  EMVEC publicly available from the EBI's network servers
starting from EMBL Release 64 (Sep 2000)


Guenter Stoesser

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> Subject: Vector databank ?
> Date: 26 Jul 2000 10:55:48 GMT
> From: Guy Bottu <gbottu at bigben.vub.ac.be>
> Organization: Belgian EMBnet Node
> Newsgroups: bionet.software.gcg
>         Dear colleagues,
> For the moment we offer to our users the Vector databank from Intelligenetics,
> which can be retrieved from the anonymous ftp server of the NCBI.
> Unfortunately, this databank is not updated anymore since 1996. So, we
> are searching for a replacement.
> Do you know a publicly available, regularly updated databank of vector
> sequences ? The databanks that EMBL or Genbank use to screen for vector
> contamination maybe, but I did not see a server from where to retrieve
> them.
>         Thanks in advance,
>         Guy Bottu

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