The version 3 of AnnHyb is available

Olivier Friard friard at molinette.unito.it
Tue Jan 18 07:27:01 EST 2000


The version 3 of AnnHyb is now available at http://annhyb.free.fr

The aim of this program is to help you to work with nucleotide
Annhyb run under Windows® 95/98/NT4/2000

The Annhyb's features are:

Sequence retrieving directly from server (even through Proxy server)
Sequence editing with proofreading
Format conversion
     Input: Genbank, EMBL, GCG, FASTA, Plaintext
     Output: FASTA (single or multi-sequence format), GCG
Restriction analysis (REBASE included)
String search (mismatches allowed)
Reverse/complement sequence
Sequence statistics
Base composition
Codon usage
ORF finding
Oligonucleotide analysis
     Degenerated oligo allowed (IUPAC code for base degeneration)
     Look for oligo on sequence
     Melting temperature determination (nearest neighbors algorithm in
             function of salt and oligo concentrations)
     Molecular weigth determination
     GC% determination
     Molar extinction coefficient determination
Probe analysis
     Melting temperature determination (in function of salt and   
        formmamide concentrations)
     GC% determination

A Windows Help file is also available but it is still under

PLEASE NOTE that AnnHyb is not more a freeware. You can try it for 30
days and then, if you like it, register for 30 USD. See the AnnHyb
Home Page for more information

Olivier Friard

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