GCG and Linux....

Nathan O. Siemers nathan at dnase.hpw.pri.bms.com
Sat Feb 12 19:02:11 EST 2000

Agreed, new developments will change the outlook for GCG/Linux.  SGI
xfs, when completely ported to linux, should also allow larger files .
The point though, is that a vanilla linux system may not be the right
choice, YET.

Cornelius Krasel <krasel at wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de> writes:

> There are patches for Linux which extend the VFS to 4 GB, and rumours
> have it that 2.4 will feature a 64 bit VFS.
> BTW, the file size limit has nothing to do with the processor. All the
> various *BSDs can deal with terabyte-sized files on x86, AFAIK.
> Logical conclusion: GCC has to port its software to FreeBSD }:-]
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