GCG and Linux....

Greg jquinn at shell7.ba.best.com
Thu Feb 10 19:29:07 EST 2000

[I posted this a few days ago from a local net site, 
but I couldn't see it showing up, so here goes again...
apologies if it did go through and this is a second post]

Sorry for opening this old chestnut, but from my perspective it's now
becoming extremely relevant. A lot of the servers and databases I
administrate are now almost exclusively coming online on Linux boxes;
these aren't necessarily just old PC's, but dedicated multiprocessor
jobs, for example from VA Research, costing several thousand dollars, but
more cost-effective than a sparc box.
Has anyone had any indication from GCG that they intend to distribute the
next version in Linux binary form? It really isn't clear to me why this
is not already an option. Presumably compiling the code on Linux is no
more of a problem than for (example) sparc solaris (BTW is there a version
of GCG for intel Solaris?). I've now started to set up a lot of jobs
using EMBOSS rather than GCG because I can get the Linux binaries with
access to appropriate databases.

I guess this is more of a gripe than a question because unfortunately I
suspect I already know the answer.


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