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Doug Brutlag brutlag at stanford.edu
Sun Apr 16 03:47:43 EST 2000

Dear Mario,

DoubleTwist.com provides a daily sequence update service. Given a set 
of query sequences (DNA or protein) DoubleTwist compares your queries 
against about 20 public and proprietary databases (DNA, protein, 
ESTs, structures, motifs, domains, patented sequences etc.) including 
the ones you mentioned, using many different search algorithms and 
returns significant hits to you daily.

This free service accepts up to 10 query sequences. I use it to 
retrieve specific classes of oncogenes and other regulatory proteins 

The alerting is by email but the data is retrieved via the Web.


Doug Brutlag


Disclaimer: I serve as the Acting Chief Scientific Officer of 
DoubleTwist.com part time.

At 2:01 PM +0100 4/13/00, Mario Garcia wrote:
>Dear folks,
>I'm trying to find any free alerting service, by e-mail or web-based, that
>sends periodically updates of selected protein and nucleic acid sequences
>newly included in GenBank, EMBL, and SwissProt databanks.
>Thanks a lot in advance for any advice.
>     Mario Garcia de Lacoba, PhD.       Phone   : +341 915611800 (ext.4334)
>                                        Fax     : +341 915627518
>Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas   E-mail  : mario at cib.csic.es
>               C.S.I.C.
>           c/ Velazquez, 144                 BIOINFORMATIC UNIT
>          28006-Madrid. SPAIN.     

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