Softwarez are waiting for you!

Sam mode at windmail.net
Sat Oct 2 02:06:29 EST 1999

Softwarez are waiting for you!
I have Pro-E 2000, AutoCad 2000, MS Office 2000 ,VB 5.0  and crackz for you.

 Think disign 3  license.dat
 Pro Engineer 2000i ptc.dat
 Pro Mechanica 2000i- ptc.dat
 Indpe20- pro/e 21
 proe21 install info
 Cimatron 10.5
 Unigraphics 15
 Solidworks 99 releize work under win95 98
 Solidworks99 releize works under NT

It is very cheap .
If you are interested please reply to mode at windmail.net or
mode at buddyemail.com


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