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Fri Oct 1 16:41:23 EST 1999

     "Everyone's getting rich but me!"  This was the July 5th edition of Newsweek.  Can you guess 
what the article was about?  The Internet!  It is the "New Goldrush of the 21st Century".  Articles 
on this new Goldrush cover the pages of magazines, and newspapers.  The Internet has already 
created more wealth and success than any other industry in the history of mankind, and it's only 
at the tip of the growth it will experience over the next 5 years.
     Every second there is between 3-7k being spent on goods and services on the net, and it is 
over a 65 billion dollar industry right now!  In the next 4 years it will be well above 3.5 trillion.  Now 
you tell me, would you like to capture even a small percentage of the money being spent on the 
     The Company I work with can give you that Opportunity.  It is a brilliant breakthrough billion 
dollar concept in E-commerce.  It is a simple, turn-key business solution, which can immediatley 
create a profit stream, and provides an unlimited income potential.  There are 1.2 million new 
Internet users every month.  It is estimated that 80% of Internet users will become Internet 
shoppers.  E-commerce is the industrial revolution of the 21st Century and this is your  opportunity 
to get in on it "ground floor."
     By placing yourself in front of a trend, before it's major growth period, you can create 
lifechanging success.  Please Respond, so I can send you more information.

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