Problem with GCGFIGURE

Thomas Burmeister tbu at gmx.net
Mon Mar 1 09:13:25 EST 1999

I also can remember some problems using GCGfigure on a PowerMac.
Perhaps GCGfigure is not fully compatible with the PPC architecture
since it  was originally designed for 68K-Macs and to my knowledge it
has not been updated for several years.
You could try to solve the problem in a different way (without using
GCGfigure) : change your GCG graphics configuration to "postscript"
(via "setplot") or "HPGL" and then save your graphics output as a
postscript or HPGL file (via "-PLOT=<filename>). You can then print it
out if you are connected to a postscript printer or convert it with
Ghostscript, Adobe Acrobat Distiller, Graphic converter or some other

Good luck!

Thomas  Burmeister

On 26 Feb 1999 16:15:14 -0800, vanrooij at ucalgary.ca (Gijs van Rooijen)

>Dear all,
>I have a problem with the program GCGFigure. 
> [............]
>Gijs van Rooijen
>University of Calgary

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