Problem with GCGFIGURE

Paul Roy proy at rsvs.ulaval.ca
Mon Mar 1 16:55:34 EST 1999

On 26 Feb 1999, Gijs van Rooijen wrote:

> I have a problem with the program GCGFigure. When I am trying .figure
> files  from within GCGFIGURE
> (even some of the example figures) I get an error message. It reads:
> "Document nnn.figure could not be opened because the application
> "Simpletext" could not be found. The document cannot be translated
> because of an unexpected problem has occurred"  This problem does not
> occur with all the examples eg circles.figure is fine; figure.figure is
> not. When I restart my computer with the extensions off the problem goes
> away indicating a conflict with another extension. Any idea what
> conflict this might be (if this indeed is the problem!!). I am using a
> MacG3 OS8.1. Reinstallling the software did not make a difference!
I don't think this is PPC-specific; GCGFigure works OK on my 604 machine
with OS 8.0.  It sounds like the kind of problem caused by the "Helper"
function of a Web browser which tries to use specific applications to open
files with given extensions.  First try running GCGFigure without
having opened a browser.  If it still doesn't work, you should be able to
hunt down the guilty extension in the usual way; start by booting with a
given subset of extensions on, then turn others on or off as necessary.
The reboots are a pain but this is usually what is necessary to find a



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