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Nirav Merchant nirav at arl.arizona.edu_no_spam
Wed Jun 30 12:46:35 EST 1999

 This may not be directly relevant to GCG; I am looking for a tool which
would allow users to catalogue/document the sequences and their progress
as they get processed i.e from trace to final product i.e if its
undergone blast/fasta the location of the reports etc.

We are constantly running into the issue of different naming convention
both sequence and filenames and the ability to locate work performed by
someone currently not around !. [ and the need to query/select user
generated sequences by user defined attributes ]. I have tried using the
"Dataset" from gcg, it lacks this functionality and is more tuned for
interaction with gcg analysis programs.

I was hoping to learn from this group if there are any tools available
to perform this type of documentation ..for lack of better words: I
would say something like Version control [CVS/RCS] which we use to
develop our software and can track progress/changes efficiently at the
same time roll back changes without loosing track.

I have e-mailed gcg [seqstore at gcg.com] couple of times for their "new"
seqstore relational database system for managing sequence data...but I
haven't heard back.

I would appreciate if you have any pointers to address this issue,
please e-mail me and I will post a summary to the group.

Thanks for your time.


PS: If I don't find one I intend to build one.

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