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Dr. Greg Quinn greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Mon Jun 7 13:03:42 EST 1999

You aren't by any chance mirroring this list in a publicly accessible newsgroup or 
news server?; I need to subscribe to another list like I don't know what. The great 
thing about a newsgroup (even a spammed one) is that you can access it at will and 
past posts are there for all to see.

Chad Price (cprice at MOLBIO.UNMC.EDU) wrote:
: I continue to see almost nothing but spam on the newsgroup and would like
: to remind folks that there is a (very quiet) pair of email lists for GCG
: system managers and for GCG users. 
: For subscription information see:
: 	http://molbio.unmc.edu/majordomo/GCG-Mailing-lists.html
: Chad Price
: Systems Manager
: University of Nebraska Medical Center
: 600 S 42nd St
: Omaha, NE 68506-6495
: cprice at molbio.unmc.edu
: (402) 559-9527 
: (402) 559-4077 (FAX)

Computational Biology Group
The Burnham Institute
(formerly La Jolla Cancer Research Inst.)
10901 North Torrey Pines road
La Jolla
Phone:(619) 646 3103
Email: greg at franklin.ljcrf.edu

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