real player files

Giorgos Karas giorgos.karas at usa.net
Sat Jan 30 03:09:25 EST 1999

Or you could track the temporary file in the Windows/temp directory and copy
it as the player plays it and then paste it and change its name. you will be
left with the file :)
of course, you will lose the last 2 seconds or so of the file, since if you
copy it midway, only that portion will be copied. so i would suggest, you
listen to it once and then copy it a couple of seconds before the end. happy
copying and pasting!!!

Giorgos Karas
Medical Student

PS Delete all the other real files in the temp directory, so that you can
find which one it is quickly, or keep on pressing the refresh button and see
which files increases in size. that is the file you want!
Dr. Greg Quinn wrote in message <78st70$50$1 at franklin.ljcrf.edu>...
>gelso (gelso at removehotmail.com) wrote:
>: anyone knows how can i save real player files on hd and play it offline?
>: thanx in advance
>Yes, buy the real player plus, which has the extra download function. Note
>that this is only possible if the download feature was enabled when the
>file was created; there may be (commercial/copyright) reasons why people
>won't have enabled download on their real audio/video files.

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