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Charles Alexander calex at genesys.miner.rochester.edu
Fri Jan 29 16:42:07 EST 1999

In the Trends Supplement in Bioinformatics, Dr. Mark Boguski (of NCBI
fame) mentions two books in his article.  I really respect Mark's
opinion on these things so I looked up both these books:

1) Bioinformatics: A Practical Guide to the Analysis of Genes and
Proteins by (editors) Baxevanis & Ouellette ( I believe this is the same
Dr. Ouellette that contributes here regularly)  John Wiley & Sons.

2) Bioinformatics : The Machine Learning Approach (Adaptive Computation
and Machine Learning) by Pierre Baldi, Soren Brunak   MIT Press; ISBN:

I really found the first book to be very good and relatively easy to
understand.  The second seems to be geared more towards computer
scientists and biologists interested in AI and machine learning as it
pertains to bioinformatics.  It got way over my head really fast.  But,
if you like the mathematical approach to computational biology, I think
this would be a fine book to have.  Although, I 'm not thoroughly
familiar with what's available out there.

Reinhard Doelz created a GCG/Bioinformatics Primer many years ago and I
bet you can still get it somewhere on the web.

Finally, 4 years ago when we decided to teach an introductory
bioinformatics course for credit, I used Gribskov &  Devereux's (from
GCG) "Sequence Analysis Primer" which still does a very good job of
introducing newbie's to concepts & programs in sequence analysis.  Today
I would use #1 above.  Just my opinion of course.

Incidentally all the above books (with the exception of Reinhard's
excellent guide) are available from Amazon.Com or  Borders Books & Music
(when special ordered).  I suspect you could also get them from Barnes &
Noble, Davis-Kidd and a whole bunch of independents as well.

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