New academic bioinformatics service in Canada

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Feb 16 19:30:55 EST 1999

Christoph W. Sensen wrote:
> On Feb. 3rd, the Canadian Bioinformatics Resource was officially opened.
> CBR-RBC offers access to the major bioinformatics software and databases for
> academic use
> in Canada. The annual user fee is 195 Cdn$. Services include:
> Secure shell (ssh) and ftp access to
> - GCG
> - SeqWeb
> - Sequence assembly programs
> - Phylip
> - GDE
> - Access to more than 70 nightly updated databases.


Shall I infer from the presence of X11-based tools such as
GDE that registered subscribers can run a remote X11 session
on the CBR servers? That seems to be implied, but
the documentation on the web site had nothing on 
whether this was possible, or if so, how to connect.
Only Web-based programs appeared to be documented.

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