No more stroke fonts?

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Sun Feb 7 15:16:49 EST 1999

    I was following the GCG graphics ---> windows graphics thread with
interest.  Especially the idea of setting the plotter to HPGL and
outputting to a file to get vector graphics.  This didn't work for
me--don't know why.  (I'm using GCG v. 9 or v. 8 on a machine running
VMS.)  HPGL files seemed to come out as postscript.  Corel DRAW
refused to read the file as HPGL but read it okay as interpreted
    But in the process of doing this I noticed that in GCG9 there were
real fonts in the postscript files--not stroke fonts.  The result is
that an output file is about 1/6th the size in GCG9 than it was is
GCG8.  Also, when I import the files into Corel Draw and Canvas I get
real text, not curves.  These files are much easier to work with.
    The two programs I was working with are prettybox and prettyplot.
Phillip San Miguel
Purdue Genomics Facillity

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