³o¦^±z¥i­n¬Ý²M·¡ - Owl Cave Petroglyph!

Spooky Z noelz at idirect.com
Fri Aug 27 18:23:42 EST 1999

> >
> > : ¸êµ¦·|¤@¼Ë¸É§U¥¦.³o¥«¬O¨º¤@®a¤½¥q?¦]¬°¶q¤Ö,¨C¤H³Ì¦h¤Q±i.·Q¤F¸Ñ½Ð¹q
> > : :0939872586 (O.)89215405 (H.)32334286     ®}¿³½å

> But Mike!  This is *clearly* a communication from deep space responding to
> transmission from Ghostwood "The owls are not what they seem / Cooper".
It must
> unlock the petroglyph at Owl Cave.  Unfortunately I've lost the secret
> ring I got in a box of Lucky Lodge Charms.  Oh, there it is, on that pile
> dirt.  My back's a little sore, would you mind stooping to pick it up for
> Thanks.

No, it's MFAP, because remember from FWWM:

MFAP : I am the arm, and I sound like this
             [   MFAP raises arm to mouth and lets go a sound something like
this :


                  :0939872586 (O.)89215405 (H.)32334286     ®}¿³½å   ]

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