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SideshowBob wrote:
> Mike Sarzo wrote in message <7q6eqo$2es$2 at dailyplanet.wam.umd.edu>...
> >Peter (q530115 at ms25.hinet.net) wrote:
> >:
> §Ú¦³¤@ÀÉ°ª°ª°ª°ª¬ì§ÞªÑ­n½æ,¨ÆÃö¾÷±K,¤£¯à¦b¹q¸£¤W»¡¥X,½Ð¨£½Ì.¤£¹L¥¦¨C¦~ÁÈ¿ú,
> >: ¸êµ¦·|¤@¼Ë¸É§U¥¦.³o¥«¬O¨º¤@®a¤½¥q?¦]¬°¶q¤Ö,¨C¤H³Ì¦h¤Q±i.·Q¤F¸Ñ½Ð¹q
> >: :0939872586 (O.)89215405 (H.)32334286     ®}¿³½å
> >
> >Okay, folks... this is getting tiresome. Anyone have a way to delete
> >this gobbledy gook or block posts that don't have any real content?
> Actually, this is probably a different language character set. Only problem
> is you can't read it unless you have the font for it. And who said English
> is NOW the international language.   :)

How do you know it isn't english?  What we know is that the text encoding
(code set) does not match what our software expects.  We don't know what
language is encoded.  The user could have composed it in any language
including english.

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