SideshowBob kyhui at acs.ucalgary.ca
Fri Aug 27 12:44:13 EST 1999

Mike Sarzo wrote in message <7q6eqo$2es$2 at dailyplanet.wam.umd.edu>...
>Peter (q530115 at ms25.hinet.net) wrote:
>: ¸êµ¦·|¤@¼Ë¸É§U¥¦.³o¥«¬O¨º¤@®a¤½¥q?¦]¬°¶q¤Ö,¨C¤H³Ì¦h¤Q±i.·Q¤F¸Ñ½Ð¹q
>: :0939872586 (O.)89215405 (H.)32334286     ®}¿³½å
>Okay, folks... this is getting tiresome. Anyone have a way to delete
>this gobbledy gook or block posts that don't have any real content?

Actually, this is probably a different language character set. Only problem
is you can't read it unless you have the font for it. And who said English
is NOW the international language.   :)

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