erase mapping w/ seqlab... anyone?

Staffa.Nick staffa at NIEHS.NIH.GOV
Tue Apr 27 08:42:13 EST 1999

What's the "erase" key on a mac?
I haven't noticed any trouble with eXodus, but
I'm having more trouble with Xwin32 on PC.
Key mappings can be done on both and also in the
configuration file SeqLab.
I've just begun to tackle these inconsistancies and have no
definitive answers, except that everything seemed to work better
when there were no keymappings in SeqLab.

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> > Question...  We at work just set up a box to run GCG 10, and we're
> > running into a little bit of a problem with our Macintosh clients.  
> > (I'm the unix admin, not the gcg admin, so pardon ignorance... :)  It
> > seems that SeqLab will not map an erase key using eXodus.  Other X
> clients
> > (xterm, dtterm) map the key just fine; SeqLab is the only thing that
> doesn't.
> > I've been over faq's, newsgroups, on the phone w/ GCG, etc., and to no 
> > avail.  Has anyone ever seen this before?
> 	Yep. The same here with MacX. It is a strange bug that just appears
> in the little windows of SeqLab. Backspace seems to work as forwardspace
> :).
> 	I really can't understand how this bug happen. I remember it was
> already the case with GCG8, but we thought it was an Xserveer problem. Now
> that
> I tested several ones, it seems to be an Xserver on Mac and Seqlab bug.
> 	Well, I added the tip to my local courses :).
> 						François.
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