erase mapping w/ seqlab... anyone?

Staffa.Nick staffa at NIEHS.NIH.GOV
Tue Apr 27 14:15:25 EST 1999

My experiments have shown:
In eXodus 6.1.2,   Under Settings, Server Settings. key board,
the MacIntosh keyboard should be selected.
Then the MacIntosh delete key will delete to the left. 
If MacIntosh(Intl) is selected, the delete (backspace) key works to the
However, if one copies   /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/SeqLab 
into the home directory and un-comments the keymapping multi-line 
command,  then MacIntosh(Intl) is superseded by the mappings.

In Xwin32, in the Xwin Utility, Keyboard Menu, You can look at 
Edit Keysyms...   
 If key code 21 is Delete-Delete, the Backspace key 
deletes to the right.   One can change this to BackSpace-Delete,
Modify the settings and save as e.g. us.kbd.
Then with Keyboard/ Select Keyboard, one can choose us.kbd
and effect the new setting.   Again if the file SeqLab is in the home 
directory AND the multi-line command 
is un-commented,   the X-server's key mappings will be over-ridden. 

Or so is my conclusion to today's experiments.
I am ready to flesh out these sketchy descriptions if necessary

Nick Staffa, CMB       NIEHS  telephone: 6-4569
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National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Debra Parrish, DIR monitor.

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> > What's the "erase" key on a mac?
> 	backspace. top right main keyboard key.
> > I haven't noticed any trouble with eXodus,
> 	In (for example) the selection widgets (when you try to select a
> sequence or a database sequence), this key erase the following char and
> not
> the expected previous one.
> > but
> > I'm having more trouble with Xwin32 on PC.
> 	I don't have (on NT workstations).
> > Key mappings can be done on both and also in the
> > configuration file SeqLab.
> 	I don't know if this one can be corrected this way.
> 						François.
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