v10 and ksh

Harry Hahn h3 at ucla.edu
Tue Apr 27 16:05:27 EST 1999

Anyone using ksh with v10 and notice that wildcards don't work anymore? For

	pileup *.seq

will complain about requiring multiple sequences, even if the wildcard
would have selected multiple files. It appears the * selects only the first
sequence. File name completion was also broken.

I contacted GCG and they acknowledged the bug but have taken longer to get
a fix to me than indicated (they also suggested some work-arounds but they
are not appropriate for the setting here). In the interim, I've hacked
gcgshell.ksh so that the command aliases are like that of v9 and this seems
to have fixed it, although sometimes I get odd behavior- the interplay of
GCG and ksh's "set (+/-)o noglob" and "set (+/-)f" options is a little
mysterious to me.

I'm dissatisfied with this solution, though and was wondering if anyone had
come up with something a little more elegant before I spent too much more
time on this.

ksh is version M-11/16/88f on an Alpha running DU 4.0B.

v9-style alias:

'if [[ -o noglob ]]; then NOGLOB=on;else NOGLOB=off;fi;set -f;gcg_run

v10-style alias:

'gcg_run $GCGUTILDIR/programname' (function gcg_run contains the glob checks).


Harry Hahn - h3 at ucla.edu
Research and Instructional Biocomputing Services - UCLA

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